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About is a Whitbread Design production. We understand that the needs of the web designer are the same as the average user. At we offer as much as possible for as little as possible. Below is a run down of how we benefit everyone.
Every icon is priced at 25 cents or less. That's our guarantee. We understand that you are working on a budget, and we want to help you stay within it!
High quality icons is what we do here. Got different background colors? no problem. Our icons have transparent backgrounds to work with any color scheme.
Like the icon, but not quite the right size or color? We have a solution for that too. Every icon comes with a completely customizable vector eps file format. Just open it in Adobe Illustrator and your good to go.
100% original. Every icon has been created by So you know you won't find icons like this anywhere else.
» is a Whitbread Design production.
» We provide high quality stock icons in png and vector formats.
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